Questionnaire 7


Suicidal-Femicide Criminal Victimization

For years women have been telling us they were told or forcedly taught to practice killing them-Self if they ever disclosed the non-State torture (NST) violence they suffered.  Some women mention that perpetrator professionals counseled them to commit suicide.  If a woman or girl dies because she was conditioned, forced, or counseled by perpetrators to kill her-Self we suggest this is another way in which perpetrators kill women and girls.  This is a form of femicide in our opinion.  Femicide is a term that explains that women and girls are killed because they are women or girls which involves misogyny against women and misopedia against the girl child.   

IF YOU FEEL SAFE you may want to read our recent our article, “Suicidal-Femicide Conditioning: A Tactic of Family-Based Non-State Torturers and Traffickers of A Daughter” (p. 85-87) published in the journal Femicide Volume X.  It includes a woman’s description of how she was conditioned to kill her-Self if she ever told that she was tortured and trafficked by family members and like-minded others. 

IF YOU FEEL SAFE and suffered this victimizing crime you may decide to complete this questionnaire and return it to us.  

IF YOU FEEL SAFE ANSWERING QUESTIONS.  Non-State torture is the everyday human rights language used to describe any private person or group that commits acts of torture.  Here are 8 questions:   

Our goal is to try to expose as many tactics of non-State torturers / traffickers so women and girls will be understood and not considered “crazy” or pathologized when experiencing suicidal-femicide conditioned responses.