Surveys & Findings


Reproductive Harms Survey

In 2007 we conducted a 10 question survey on reproductive tortures women reported suffering, within the context of ritual abuse-torture families/groups, in various countries, including Canada. Of the 233 respondents, 56% (131) stated being raped during forced abortions or torture induced deliveries; of 232 respondents 43% (99) stated they were forced to swallow aborted tissue. Other results are summarized on pages 17-19 in the Shadow Report below.

Torture of Canadian Women by Non-state Actors: A Shadow Report

A response to two reports by the Government of Canada on discrimination against women, and the Convention against Torture.

  UN Report   2008


RAT Map: The Prevelance of Ritual Abuse-Torture 

From 2003 to 2008, we collected location reports and testimony from victims of Ritual Abuse-Torture (RAT).

Victims reported to us incidents in more than 20 countries, including: Canada, USA, Barbados, New Zealand, Australia, Antarctica, Madagascar, South Africa, Chad, England, Scotland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Hawaii, Hungary, Sumatra, Germany, Costa Rica, and Russia.

RAT Map Global Prevelance


Individual responses also included detailed testimony about incidents of abuse and torture. Individual responses are included for viewing in pdf form Map1-Map14 located on the right.

I recall being taken to monestarys, wineries, a cemetary, a church, a lighthouse and a military base. Programming, electrical shocking and experimentation was also part of my trauma.

~Anonymous respondent, 2003.