What Easter Means for Domestic Non-State Torturers and for the Girls/Women so Tortured

By Jeanne Sarson | Apr 23, 2011

In industrialized countries such as Canada, Easter time is expressed in store aisle after store aisle. Cloaked with Easter egg candies and the chocolate – white or brown – symbolic Easter Bunny wrapped in plastic, packed into brightly colored boxes or hanging out in the traditional Easter basket. All presentations are like magnets for children and for parents so inclined to purchase them.

Yesterday, stopping in the store aisle to speak with little three year old Annie, she gleefully detailed how she was anticipating and therefore preparing for the visit from the Easter Bunny. ‘He would’, she said, “enjoy the carrot and glass of water” she was going to leave as a snack. Explaining further, that for her she could only eat a little piece of brown chocolate – her preference she says is for “brown chocolate” – because too much chocolate can “mess up my teeth”. This, she says, was told to her by her dentist.[1]

But, for the little girl whose father or mother, or both, and who has other family members and their like-minded pedophilic torturing friends, her reality is most different. For her Easter time means that her torture victimization rises exponentially because she is, for the Easter holidays, out of the public view, especially if she is of school age. Away from school and teachers she becomes the focus of the pedophilic torturers, day-after-day, hour-after-hour, minute-after-minute. The family/group torturers do not have to concern themselves with being discovered. They do not have to hold back on their unbridled infliction of pedophilic torture, terror and horror. In fact, they have been intentionally planning and waiting for Easter time to arrive so they could maximize their violent family/group gatherings.

Plans that the torturers code as “rituals and ceremonies” which are tactics they use to deliver to the victimized girl the message that they, the torturers, have omnipotent power. She is tortured into believing that she has no way out because she is forever linked to the torturers via the indoctrinating messages delivered during the pseudo-rituals and ceremonies. For example, Jane speaks of the “marriage” ritual ceremony where she was made to believe that she belonged to the torturers – that she belonged to the family/group forever.[2] Jane was just four.

Pedophiles do use rituals to create an atmosphere of drama. Pseudo-rituals and ceremonies heighten their thrills and increase their captivity hold on their young child victim. Marsha Allen, a young Russian girl adopted by an American pedophile when she was five years old, speaks about how she was dressed up for the “marriage” ritual designed to satisfy the pleasures of her adoptive father.[3]

For some little girls like Jane, they were born into family systems that structured violent organized family/group gatherings to create the opportunity for the torturers to dress-up in costumes, to use props to create illusions of omnipotence which was multiplied by drugging of the little girls they chose to victimize. Family/gang gatherings meant being raped, beaten, burnt, and hung by their limbs and being cut with blood smeared over their little bodies. Their forced nakedness inflicted more humiliation and bone chilling coldness from the torture pain and the electric shocking delivered into their heads or into their tiny vaginas. Drugging and disorientation spontaneously forced them into survival dissociative responses. They remain trapped until rescued, or until they are old enough to flee, or until they are able to seek support for exiting. Marsha, as a child, was rescued. Jane was not.

When a girl is not able to escape until she is in her late teens or early 20s her struggles are not over. As the brown or white chocolate Easter Bunnies reappear each year, these can trigger flashbacks. A woman’s body, mind and spirit can be invaded. She might have to cope with increased feeling of anxiety and fear – of feelings of pending doom – emotional memory feelings that were reality-based years earlier. She may suffer dissociative responses so she must work harder to stay present to try to prevent losing contact with time and present day reality. Her ‘body talk’ may release stored memory torture pain. Her body, her vagina, can re-experience the brutalization of past beatings and rapings as if these are re-occurring in the present, making it most difficult for her to cope with relationships and her job. If she reaches out to a help-line when overcome by a flashback she can be completely absorbed into the past, unable to distinguish whether her feelings of rape and brutality are present or past. And because of this she fears being misunderstood and labeled “crazy”.

This blog is written specifically to explain what Easter holidays can mean to a child who suffers organized pedophilic family/group torture. The ‘creativity’ of the brutalities of the torturers can go on for days because holidays present prime opportunity for prolonged victimization to be inflicted. For a woman, the Easter holiday can bring back past Easters, year after year, until she has had sufficient support and caring to overcome most triggering. This is her most rewarding and liberating work – but it is also very painful and difficult healing work.

What can be done to help?

1.    Become educated about non-state torture (NST), flashbacks and triggering
2.    Become aware that flashbacks do not occur because a woman is “crazy” which is the attitude that she is so often confronted with
3.    If you live in a country, such as Canada for instance, which does not acknowledge NST as a specific and distinct crime ask your government to make NST a distinct crime so that these torturers do not continue to have impunity
4.    If you are Canadian consider signing the petition on our news page that is asking for NST to be specifically criminalized: Petition to the Government of Canada about NST 
5.    Believe children who try to tell – many women tell us that when they were very young children they tried to tell or tried to escape by running away but were not believed and always returned to their parents.

[1] Anne is a pseudonym.
[2] Jane is a composite of the many women who have told us of similar violent organized pedophilic family/group gatherings called “rituals and ceremonies” and who are from the industrialized countries of New Zealand, Australia, Western Europe, the United States and Canada. We have also been contacted by a few men who shared similar NST ordeals as children.
[3] Appleby, T. (2006, May 4). ‘I was held hostage by a monster’. The Globe and Mail, A1, A13.


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