Statements that Promote Sexualized Torture and Hate Crimes against Infants

By Jeanne Sarson | Apr 14, 2013


For years there have been discussions of concern about how women and girls as persons and their bodies have been objectified and sexualized for commoditization—used for sale. Today I am outraged by the sexualized pedophilic torture messages printed on the following baby clothes that appeared on the internet. Researching the source of such harmful illustrated messages, some were not successfully traceable; other similar messaging was traceable. If the untraceable messages imprinted on the baby bodysuits were circulated as a scam I do not know; what I do know is that these are messages that promote sexualized torture and hate crimes against infants who are totally defenceless. There is an adult responsibility to speak out on their behalf. In a brief web search the source of the first three messages were not specifically located.

Linda did a web search and found these similar messages printed on advertised for sale baby bodysuits:


Based on Linda and my 20 years of listening to mainly women but also some male and transgendered persons who report surviving torture within family systems these families always had some organized connection to other like-minded torturers either in their neighbourhood, in other communities, in their nations, and across borders. Linda and I have listened to women and others speak of their childhood memories of being tortured, trafficked, and exploited as victims into the pedophilic-adult pornographic criminal business. These family and like-minded pedophilic torturers remain the most invisibilized of organized criminal groups. To support the painful courage of those who have revealed the details of their torture victimization I take advantage of these sexualized and hatred messages printed and exploited on these baby clothes to expose and explain the horrific reality of the crimes committed against infants by pedophilic torturers. I relate my following comments to the messages on the top three babysuits as the second messages carry similiar meaning.

“No gag reflex.” This is a statement about the pedophilic crime of oral rape. One woman explained how her mother and father ‘trained’ her not to gag. Why? They were ‘preparing’ her for oral raping not only by her father but also for all the other insider like-minded torturers who were connected to her family. These were the ‘secret’ organized pedophilic in-house group or criminal ring. Additionally, Linda and I have also been told by those so tortured that their parent(s) frequently trafficked them to ‘client-perpetrators’ who wanted a child who was conditioned to withstand sexualized physical torturing. This is how one woman described her “no gag reflex” training;

Everything got twisted in “the family” - even food. For example, mashed potatoes were a very effective training tool. “The family” would stuff and stuff mashed potatoes into my mouth and throat, massage my throat while speaking ever so softly in voice tones that were trance and hypnotic-inducing. This exercise trained me to let the mashed potatoes slide down my throat without gagging, which taught and conditioned me not to gag during experiences of oral rape; something my father and others did very frequently to me.

“I [Heart] Being a GANG BANG SLUT!”
This is a statement that promotes pedophilic group, gang, or multi-perpetrator rape crimes. This is a gender-based hate crime because the girl child are the predominate victims of sexualized crimes. This is a hate crime because it is misopedic which is an ancient Greek word for the hatred and disregard of the girl and boy child. This is an ‘ism’ hate crime because it evokes childism.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but Uships and chains excite me.”
This is a statement about the infliction of physical bone fractures. This is a statement about captivity and immobilization tortures using handcuffs and chains. This is a statement about physical beatings using whips. This is a statement that exposes the tools used to inflict such harms. This is a disgusting statement that objectifies and sexualizes infants as being ‘participants’ versus victims of brutal pedophilic so-called sadomasochism and bondage violence.

I have placed the above three statements within the relational context of torture perpetrated by families and like-minded others because this is the reality that Linda and I have come to know. Although my comments are of physical and sexualized torture, such acts are accompanied by emotional and verbal tortures that psychologically destroy; this is the intentional aim of torturers.

Reality and Research
Canadian research and police evidence reveals that there is a demand side for infants to be victims for sexualized torturing, including of infants who still have their umbilical cord attached. Police have seized pedophilic pornography showing the victimization of a baby with its umbilical cord still attached, infants covered with ejaculate, toddlers being orally raped,[1] infants in diapers being victimized,[2] and a six-month-old baby being raped.[3] Torture and bondage is involved in 20% of the pedophilic pornography viewed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Child Exploitation Unit in Ottawa according to supervisor Earla-Kim McColl.[4] No country is immune to this demand side of sexualized crimes against children. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection examined internet pedophilic images listing that “bestiality, bondage, torture, and degrading acts such as defecation, mostly (68.5%) occurred against children under 8 years old”.[5] The girl child was in 83% of the pedophilic criminal images. Images also included necrophilia, other forms of degradation such as being urinated on, weapons being used, children being forced to inflict sexualized harms against each other, and newborns and toddlers being victimized.

Criminal Human Right Violations
The statements illustrated on the above baby clothes promote the violation of the human rights of the defenceless infant child. For Canada and all countries that have ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child these governments have due diligence responsibilities to respect, fulfil, protect, and punish perpetrators who inflict such criminal human right violations against the girl and boy infant child. The failure of criminal codes to criminalize acts of torture by private individuals known as non-State actors and fail to act to prevent the distribution of such hate crime statements against infants is social and governmental misopedic discrimination. It is unconscionable. It is totally unacceptable!

1 Dimanno, R. (2003, January 17). A tough child porn law doesn’t stem a rising tide. The Star.
2 The Canadian Press. (1966, December 11). Porn included kids in diapers. Scientist charged after police raid Defence Department. The Chronicle-Herald.
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5 Bunzeluk, K. (2008, November). Child sexual abuse images: Summary report. An analysis of websites by cybertip!ca. Canadian Centre for Child Protection.


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Posted by Mary Moore on Apr 16th, 2013

Statements that Promote Sexualized Torture and Hate Crimes against Infants READ WITH CAUTION BUT IT IS TRUE
-it exists and is documented.CAN police I believe were one of the leaders Internationally ,with other countries working together ,to try and rescue infants\children and go after perps.Well to the person who said to me it does not happen to infants it does -right here in CAN under your nose.The pics the police have found actually show some infants being tortured sexually-it makes me sick to my stomach and so angry .The perps are sometimes well paid intelligent sophisticated professionals -infant child porn is a billion dollar business internationally and grows rapidly.Infants  and children are sometimes raised as objects in pedophile families so the family can make its living from the use and torture of their kids/infants-infants/children are sold or rented out to other perps .We hear alot about child abuse but seldom about infants.Awareness is so difficult to digest at times ,I understand -being blind to it all does no good either -maybe someday someplace someone will pick up a clue that something is wrong and call to CAS and police to protect a helpless human being -a very young infant.It sometimes  seems to me abused animals get faster attention than abused children do.I share this to educate as disgusting as it seems- it exists. Pass the info on if it is useful; to educate another person who someday save a child's life. Mary

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