Healthy Revenge: Catching the RATs

By Jeanne Sarson | Dec 11, 2011


Did you know that rats can manipulate themselves physically? I didn’t. That is, not until I read RATS Observations on the History & Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants, by Robert Sullivan.[1] Rats have the ability to manipulate their skeletal bones into overlapping as they squeeze through spaces the size of their skulls on their way to carrying out their destructive agendas. Although their life expectancy may be only one year they manage grave destruction. They are smart and sneaky; they are killers; they are serial sexual predators, they will cannibalize each other and the male rat may also engage in necrophilic acts. Like rats, human sexualized behaviours are constant, including being violent. There are those among us who are serial rapists, there are those who, at times, cannibalize and those who are absorbed by necrophilia. Some in our human species have no boundaries therefore cross species and bestiality occurs. And like the rats, human RATers are nocturnal, using the cover of the night’s darkness to organize their destruction.

Human RATers take great pleasure inflicting their destructive agendas on those they hold captive. They are master manipulators, able to squeeze through socio-cultural tight spots with impunity. It therefore seems fitting to me that the perpetrators of non-state torture are configured as RATers. They inflict all forms of torture harms, sexualized torturing being a central theme of their frenzied brutality. They seek their pleasures in torturing and gather their wealth by engaging in the trafficking of their spouse or “renting out” their little daughters who they have ‘trained’ to withstand torture. Why? Because there is a demand for little girls who can withstand torturing and these NST/RAT families and like-minded groups supply this demand. In outsider life form they manipulate their presence as a spouse, as a parent, relatives, friends or business associates but wait, as the cover of darkness descends their destructive agendas begin to unfold. Satisfying their sadistic torture pleasures they slink back, under the cover of darkness to their abodes at a common time of 4 a.m. We have heard reference to the 4 a.m. hour repeatedly, from Canadians and from others in the UK and the US.


Exposure is the RATers fear. I speak here of exposure that comes when the captive teen or adult begins to break the chains of captivity, when they remember, when they begin to understand the forms of NST victimization they suffered, when they find safe support to tell.

They were tortured to remember to forget. The RATers spend great energies on attempting to force forgetting because this is their manipulative safety net to ensure that those they torture will not tell and therefore not expose them. Exposure gains momentum when those who have been victimized realize the perpetrators as torturers, as well as realizing that torture is not a relational norm—that is, realizing that torture is relational violence. Women have often told us that as girls they thought all children were taken out at night to what they were told were “rituals” or “parties”. When asked to describe these events it became/becomes very clear that these were coded words used to disguise the violent gatherings of like-minded families/groups whose obsession is the perpetration of pedophilic torture crimes. In reality, these like-minded families/groups are a form of organized crime rings that use the family system as a cover.

Wanting Revenge Responses

As victimized persons increase their understanding of what they endured, internalized terror and massive confusion can gradually transform. Often, when this happens, there is a wanting of revenge. When this discussion arises it is frequently laced with worry—worry that having revengeful thoughts and images makes them to be a bad as the torturers. With discussion, listening to their own principles, they realize neither would they commit the horrific acts of their imaginative get even journeys nor would they experience in real life the pleasures that accompany these getting even images. In addition, once we explain that their response is a healthy revenge process that individuals we have supported go through, who are healing and rehabilitating from all the torture pain and suffering endured, decreases they worries and makes room for liberating space.

Revenger spirit can get played out in various ways that feels good without being destructive. It provides a way of seeking emotional justice; it helps to stabilize the gross injustices suffered. The ways that emotional justice appears are creative. Revenge images become transformed into poetry, into drawings, into some swearing which I have addressed in a previous Blog. Emotional relief also comes with the freedom to speak of the images that fly through their minds and the laughter disclosure brings. We call this torture humour. Being free to speak of revenge images helps to alleviate thoughts that they must be as bad as the torturers to be even thinking of the revengeful images they do. Learning that their revenge responses are normal and being secure in reinforcing for them-Self they could never actually carry out these free floating images helps to relieve their internalized belief or worry that they have absorbed the evilism of the torturers. Undoing evilism anxiety will be a topic for another Blog.


Words can bring relief, as voiced by one person as it “feels good to say”. We call this ‘relief poetry’:

There was a foul woman named Di,
Who from violence got overwhelmingly high,
She hurt me in bed
And wanted me dead
So I said ‘fuck you’ and took off instead.

Getting even creatively can/does bring hope, relief, smiles and laughter. For example, sharing ‘The RAT TRAP’ surprised some people because it helped them to realize that they had grown up therefore their physical size had increased; they related to the cat’s pride with laughter. Laughter is known to be healing. To hear one’s voice in healthy and hopeful laughter rather than being inundated with the auditory memories of the RATers’ cruel and humiliating laughter provides opportunities for reclaiming awe in one’s own ability to smile and laugh.

Cleaning Up

So, just like the decision of the Committee to Improve Carroll Park in Brooklyn to hold its "First (and hopefully last) Rat Festival," in its efforts to clean-up the rats in their “really nice park;"[2] and just like the teams that cleaned up the rats of Alaskan Rat Island in the Aleutian chain, and just like the teams that are now working on the Haida Gwaii, a Canadian Island Chain, to achieve a possible rat free island for the first time in over two centuries,[3] so too must we team up to catch and clean up the RATers. Those who seek their serial torture pleasures in their attempts to devour and destroy those they torture and hold captive—infants, toddlers, predominately female children and women, but also boys and men.


[1] Sullivan, R. (2004). RATS Observations on the History & Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants. New York: Bloomsbury. 
[2] Williams, T. (2005, October 16). Plant No Flowers: In Overrun Brooklyn Park, Neighbors Stage a Rat Festival Instead. NYTimes.
[3] Wright, A. (2011, November 11). Haida Gwaii, Canadian Island Chain, Fights For Conservation. Available


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