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Serial Perpetrators: What’s so Surprising?

By Jeanne Sarson | Jan 4, 2013

Probably like many others, I have been reading Forsaken The Report of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry or listening to Wally Oppal speak about his report that gave names and womanhood value to 67 women who had for years been forsaken…

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Snow Woman & More Successes in the New Year!

By Jeanne Sarson | Dec 30, 2012

2012 is closing with the ever widening reality of the global oppression and violence against women and girls, including torture by private individuals, families, or groups/gangs. There are insufficient words that can be spoken or written that can…

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‘Breeding’ Victims: No longer Deniable

By Jeanne Sarson | Jun 18, 2012

Twenty years. It’s unbelievable to me that Linda and I will soon be entering our 20th year of ‘digesting’ the reality that torture victimization can and does begin in infancy. Women who were so victimized have spoken to us of…

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It’s a New Year of Relational Resolution Ritual

By Jeanne Sarson | Jan 11, 2012

Everywhere I look media articles and cartoons take aim at the New Year's resolution ritual. I read that taking action to eat healthy foods and be physically active by walking will improve wellness.[1] And according to Ruth, she says she always…

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Undoing ‘Evilism Anxiety’

By Jeanne Sarson | Dec 14, 2011

Organized Acts of Human Evil Who best to explain what it means—how it feels—to be held captive by the acts and ordeals of everyday evil than those who speak of having survived such atrocities? Writing this Blog is to share with…

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Jeanne Sarson

As a writer my focus is on sharing the supportive and research work that began for Linda and I in August of 1993 when a woman ‘introduced’ us to the reality of the torture victimization she suffered, that was inflicted by private individuals or ‘non-state actors’. Linda and I hold a relational feminist and human rights perspective so my writings reflect this position, as does the editing that Linda and I do. Being entrusted with person’s victimization knowledge and healing work our goal also includes sharing their voices in our articles.

Without this participatory partnership we could not break the global patriarchal socio-cultural resistance that has silenced the existence of the many forms of non-state torture (NST) victimization that can be/are inflicted from birth. Writings share our wisdom and focuses on gaining the human rights of victimized persons not to be subjected to torture, and to assert the necessity that NST must be specifically and distinctly criminalized in all nations on this planet.