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A Response to Five Questions Posed Response to Five Questions Posed by Ms. Dubravka Šimonović, Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, its Causes and Consequences.

A Response to the Good Practices Questionnaire Of the UN Working Group on Discrimination Against Women in Law and Practice (WGDAW)


Report about the Feminism in London Conference we spoke at Notes of Connection shares insights of our time with many women from the EU, Middle East and NA. 


Paper Non-State Torture: It Happens to Women and Girls presented in Geneva NGO Forum - Beijing + 20.

If Not Now, When? Geneva NGO Forum Beijing +20 - Final Report. Success for us can be read on page 19, 2 i, "Ensure national laws criminalize non-State torture perptrated by non-State actors and hold perptrators accountable for gender-based non-State torture crimes."

From Truro to the United Nations, Geneva It was 10:00 am Sunday when the Air Canada jet taxied to a stop.  Truro Daily News.

Summary of educational presentation to the Mount St. Vincent University "Focus on Women" class, Non-State 'Classic' Torture of Women & Girls & International Human Rights Mechanisms.


Submission to the UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, Geneva for the Managament Plan for 2014-2017.

Written submission to Advocates for Human Rights Working for UN Women on Law Reform, Advocating for New/Reforming Law: The Criminalization of Non-State Torture Actors in Canada.

Journal of presentation to Acadia University "Women's and Gender Studies" class, Torture in the Canadian Context: How close to Home is It?

Journal Report for NGO CSW Forum 2013 at CSW 57: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls. 


International Federation of University Women (IFUW) written statement on non-State torture to the 20th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Plenary presentation Case Study: Are Women and Girls "No One"? to IFUW members at the Triennual in Instanbul, Turkey by Jeanne Sarson.

International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) review of the UN Committee Against Torture 48th session in Geneva.

Sharing Breakthroughs about the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) 48th session where they supported criminalizing non-State torture in the Criminal Code of Canada. Spanish translation. See UN CAT Committee report to Canada CAT/C/CAN/CO/6. Committee Against Torture hears replies of Canada by UN News & Media. Verbal statement to CAT Committee.

Shadow Report 2012 to the UN Committee Against Torture requesting the criminalization of non-State torture in the Criminal Code of Canada.

Gender and Torture Conference REDRESS and Amnesty International report. Response to report, Visibilizing Acts of 'Classic' Non-State Torture in the Private/Domestic Sphere.

A Journal following attending the UN Commission of the Status of Women (CSW). 


A paper Due Diligence Obligations: Non-State Torture of Women/Girls in the So-Called Private Sphere—A Canadian and Multi-Country Perspective. A response to the UN Special Rapporteur Ms. Rashida Manjoo.

A presentation Spillover Torture From The Military/Warring Sphere into the Private Sphere: Making Visible a Silenced Human Rights Violation and Victimized Persons' 'Body Talk' to the Canadian Peace Research Association (CPRA).

An expert paper Non-State Torture - Specifically Sexualized Non-State Torture - Inflicted in the Private Domestic Sphere Against Girls/Women: An Emerging "Harmful Practice" sent to the CEDAW and CRC Committee.


Press Release to Bill Casey MP for the petition on non-State torture presented to the Government of Canada.


Shadow Report 2008  Torture of Canadian Women by Non-State Actors in the Private Sphere: A Shadow Report to the UN CEDAW and UN Committee Against Torture.                     


Onati International Institutute for the Sociology of Law, Spain 2016
Jeanne and Linda at the Geneva NGO Forum - Beijing + 20


Middlesex University, London, UK, 2011

CFUW AGM 2011 St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Our activism involves working to have non-State torture named as a human rights crime, support in healing for victimized persons, an end to their social exclusion, discrimination and stigmatisation, and eventual prevention of NST.