What is Non-State Torture(NST)?

Non-State torture (NST) is torture committed in the private or domestic sphere. For instance, NST is committed by parents, spouses, other kin, guardians, neighbours, trusted adults, strangers, human traffickers, johns, pimps, or pornographers in various public and private places.

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Many people across the globe have endured non-State torture. However, few countries have enacted laws addressing torture committed by private individuals and groups.

Our activism involves working to have non-State torture named as a human rights crime, support in healing for victimized persons, an end to their social exclusion, discrimination and stigmatisation, and eventual prevention of NST.

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Newly Published Journal Article

In the peer reviewed journal Oñati Socio-legal Series, v. 8, n. (2018)  No Longer Invisible: Families that Torture, Traffic , and Exploit their Girl Child

UN CSW Panel

In March 2017, we presented at the UN Commission of the Status of Women, 61st Session.  A Canadian Experience: Discrimination in law on non-State torture negates human right equality, social justice & inclusion of victimized women & girls.

M-47 in Canada

M-47 is a Motion to examine the health effects of readily available, violent pornography. Here is our submitted brief: Victimizing Effects On Those Forcedly Pornogrofied And Harmed  From The Other Side Of The Camera By Family Based Exploiters. 

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G7 France 2019

Jeanne and Linda with other feminists in Paris in May 2019 at the Feminist Summit advocating that gender equality be brought to the G7 Leaders.

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