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Questionnaires: On-going so please consider participating

QUESTIONNAIRE 2Participation for persons who have survived torture

QUESTIONNAIRE 1Participate by sharing your opinions about abuse vs. NST


Our Research & Surveys 

Discrimination and Stigmatization Questionnaire - The results of this Discrimination and Stigmatization Questionnaire have been included in a paper submitted for publication consideration. We thank all of you who took the time to share your responses with us, we are most appreciative. 

Military Research & RAT Survey results

Reproductive Harms Survey questions asked - the results are incorporated in the following two papers: 

1. Torture of Canadian Women by Non-State Actors in the Private Sphere: A Shadow Report
2. Behavioural Harms: Enforced and Survival Tactics in Ritual Abuse- Torture Victimization

Model of Ritual Abuse-Torture page 4 - 1998 "Kitchen table" study lead to our development of this model

Empowerment: Partnerships in Participatory Research, Activism, and Healing (2004)

Feedback & Evaluation of "Model of Ritual Abuse -Torture Participatory Research" (2003)


A Canadian National Reference

The Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women. (1993). Changing the Landscape: Ending Violence ~ Achieving Equality, Ottawa: Minister of Supply and Services Canada. 

Executive Summary 

Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women Report Cover

The following three pages in the Canadian Panel's report speaks of "ritual abuse". However, reading the voices of the women, they speak of being tortured as children as well as later in life. There has been a failure in Canada to recognize and name such torture as a specific and distinct crime and a form of non-state torture (NST) victimization, therefore, NST has remainded invisibilized by being misnamed as a lesser crime such as abuse or assault. As for the use of the word "ritual", rituals performed for the violent oppression and control of others is a global phenomena, consequently, not unique as a construct of criminal activity of Canadian and/or global perpetrators.  

page 45 

page 46 

page 47


Kelly Watt, Patricia Freeman Marshall, Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald, Toronto, 2006. Ms. Marshall was Co-Chair of the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women, 1993. We met with her to discuss non-state torture and her work on the Canadian Panel.