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CBC News, Alantic Voice Documentary


Truro Daily News   March 14, 2017

Truro women working to end non-state torture

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Pique News Magazine   March 10, 2016

The fight against non-state torture

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CBC News   March 1, 2016

Truro human rights advocates thrilled to see torture bill tabled in Ottawa

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Women's Media Center Live   September 26, 2015

Interview with Robin Morgan


Truro Daily News   June 28, 2015

Truro women receive International Relations Award

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Borne Press   February 4, 2015

Naming the Unspeakable: Non-State Torture

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CBC News   June 29, 2014

Domestic torture should be a crime, advocates say

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CBC News   May 29, 2014

Domestic torture should be a crime


CBC News   May 28, 2014

Nova Scotia woman 'tortured' for years by family speaks out

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CBC Information Morning   May 28, 2014

Torture in Middle-Class Neighbourhoods


Truro Daily News   July 26, 2013

RENAUD: Truro duo provide support network for torture sufferers

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CBC News   July 25, 2013

Torture Definition needs to Expand, urge N.S. Women

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CBC News   February 8, 2012

Dustin Paxton Trial Raises Questions about Torture

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The Toronto Star   December 27, 2010

Man in alleged torture case wants changes to Criminal Code

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For 23 years, Jeanne Sarson and Linda MacDonald have been calling on the federal government to amend the law to make non-state or domestic torture a specific criminal offence and not just a form of assault.