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Posted by Lynn on
Happy new website launch day Linda & Jeanne! I hope this design and webware serve you well for many years to come.
Lynn Schirmer
Posted by Linda MacDonald on
Thanks so much Lynn. Jeanne and I truly appreciate your creativity and expertise in creating a new look and format for our website. We are now well positioned for the 21st Century.

with care, ~Linda~
Posted by Gord Jennings on
I stumbled across your webpage as I was reading an article about the woman from NS who was subjected to abuse by her family, for years.

As a father, grandfather and as a man I was horrified by what I read. I worked, for a time, as a social worker and, having lead a sheltered existence, my eyes were opened very quickly to the degradations that many women experience at the hands of "loved ones". I burnt out from the experience, largely because the women in question often suffered as much at the hands of the judiciary and Government "Service" agencies that were supposed to help them. The really sad thing was that most of the people who recognized a need for change were called "trouble makers" and "rocking the boat". I'm glad that there are people out there, like yourselves, who are making trouble and rocking the boat. Please keep doing what you're doing.

God bless you both,

Posted by Gracie on
I came across your website today while searching for some semblance of help or at least validation for what I endured. I suffered what you describe from my family of origin from birth through age 16. Because my abusers were not politically motivated, I am excluded from any torture survivor help in my country, so the only resources I have found are for survivors of standard domestic violence. What I survived is exponentially more than that (stuff like being abducted from custody, being bound, caged, trafficked and regularly tortured for years on end are not in the realm of every day experiences...) and nobody seems to understand why I can't just "get over it". I wonder if you might have advice as to how to go about seeking adequate help? My financial resources are severely limited due to my inability to work because of what happened to me so paying "out of pocket" for appropriate care is not possible. Even just access to an online support group of people with similar experiences would be better than no one at all understanding what is happening to me... is there any help out there for people like me?

Thank you for listening.
Posted by marc on

I am glad to find you are there for those who face such a confusing reality.I have cometo believe I am one of those. Rather I have to accept. As an adlt who has literally been captive where does a person go to seek assistance or do we ontinue to live in a circular hell.I am specifically asking about.Thank you
Posted by Penny Eizenga on
I heard you interviewed on Women's Media Centre, one of the podcasts I regularly listened to and was so moved by your work.
I strongly urge you to include a DONATION component to your website, so people can feel free to easily provide financial assistance to the important work you do.
Posted by Larryleabe on
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