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UN Panel Presentation

In March, we appeared on a panel at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, 61st Session. Our presentation: A Canadian Experience: Discrimination in law on non-State torture negates human right equality, social justice & inclusion of victimized women & girls.

CSW Panel 2017
Women Law book cover
New Book

We are proud to announce that our work is included in a new bookWomen, Law and Culture Conformity Contradiction and Conflictedited by Jocelynne Scutt. Our chapter is entitled, Seeking Equality - Justice and Women's and Girls' Human Right Not to Be Subjected to Non-State Torture

Journal Article

Jeanne's work is published in the Journal of Human Trafficking, "Review of Human Trafficking: Contexts and Connections to Conventional Crime".  Edited by Joan A. Reid. Oxon, UK, and New York, NY: Routledge, 2016. 150 pages. ISBN: 978-1-138-65285-9, $155.00 (hardcover) Jeanne Sarson pages 1-3 Published online: 10 February 2017.

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Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

Resolution 2 adopted at 2017 CNA Meeting - Development of a Position Statement on the Human Rights Violation of Non-State Torture (page 3).

Status of Women Canada

Letter to MP Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women - Naming Non-State Torture in Government's Strategy to Address Gender Based Violence.

Brief Truth-Telling - Standing Committee Study on Violence Against Young Women and Girls in Canada.

Prime Minister of Canada

Letter April 24, 2017 - Canada maintaining a State centric position on torture.

trafficking-conf-2017.jpgSimon Häggström, Swedish Police, speaking in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada to police and community support persons about sexualized human trafficking, prostitution and the implementation of the Nordic Model in Sweden.

canadiannursesNST2017.jpgA resolution on Non-State Torture is adopted at the Annual meeting of the Canadian Nurses Association, June 2017.


Past Work

Pornography and Prostitution in Canada

Letter to MP Bill Casey re Health Committee Report

Report of the Standing Committee on Health: Report of the Public Health Effects of the Ease of Access and Viewing of Online Violent and Degrading Sexually Explicit Material on Children, Women and Men

Our brief in response to Motion M-47 - Victimizing Effects On Those Forcedly Pornogrofied And Harmed  From The Other Side Of The Camera By Family Based Exploiters. 

Support letter for Motion 47 - public health effects of the ease of access and viewing of online violent and degrading sexually explicit material on children, women and men.

There Is No Public Safety For Children When Their Torture by Non-State Actors Is Legally Unnamed, Invisibilizing Them As Persons In Specific Need For Protection

UN Women Consultation on Human Rights and Sex Work, The Sex Trade and Prostitution: A Canadian Perspective

Video Testimony - Bill C- 36 July 9, 2014 (15:35:50)

Minister of Justice

Brief - No One Shall be Subjected to Torture by Non-State Actors: The Missing Human and Legal Right of All Canadians - Of Women and Girls (Nov. 27, 2015).

Bill C-242 

Criminalizing Non-State Torture in Canada

Our Letter to MP Bill Casey about Bill C-242.

Update: Bill C-242 An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (inflicting torture)

Correcting Misinformation given by Depart. of Justice and Criminal Lawyers' Assoc. to Standing Committee

Testimony (text) by Linda and Jeanne regarding Bill C-242 to the Standing Committee of Justice and Human Rights (1220 mins)

Video Testimony

A Brief in Support of Bill C-242 An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (Inflicting Torture)

A person who has been tortured has the right to speak their truth, to be believed, and to seek justice for the torture they suffered.