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Parallel Report Submitted by the Canadian Federation of University Women to the Human Rights Committee on the occasion of Canada's Sixth Periodic Report  - see Protection against Torture page 8

Eliminate Torture in the Private Sphere - side event paper presented at the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal (CCPCJ) Justice at the UN in Vienna, May 19, 2015.

Austrian Report - written by Jeanne about our time at the UN in Vienna at the CCPCJ.

A Feminist Statement On The CSW, UN Women, Human Rights & The Non-State Torture (NST) Of Women & Girls

We presented on the following three panels at the CSW:

1. Non-State Torture & Violence against Women & Girls

2. Stop Femicide! States' obligations and the role of women's NGOs presenting how women when tiny children were conditioned to commit suicide if they told which is a form of femicide, and

3. The Necessity of the Nordic Model from SPACE International (Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling For Enlightment) Global Survivors Speak and spoke about NST victimization when children suffer sexualized trafficking and that non-State torture is inflicted against women and girls prostituted. 


International Federation of University Women policy paper on Gender-based Non-State Actor Torture

We spoke at the 4th International Conference on Survivors of Rape in Lisbon Portugal. Photo journal of the conference.

ICI-Radio Canada - Interview télévisée en français 5m56s

Nova Scotia pair puts domestic torture on global radar

Brief for Geneva NGO Forum Beijing + 20 - Non-State Torture Happens to Women and Girls

Declaration and Recommendations from NGO Forum Beijing + 20 - see NST on page 5 Violence Against Women i.(e).

Photo Journal for the Geneva NGO Forum Beijing + 20 and UN ECE Regional Review.

Videos of Beijing + 20 ECE Regional Review.

Op-Ed From Truro to the United Nations, Geneva

NWAC/I'AFAC Report: Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking of Aboriginal Women and Girls - contains research on non-State torture.


Hidden Horrors - CBC Radio program Atlantic Voice podcast aired Sunday June 1, 2014 @0830 AT.

Two NS Advocates Pushing for Domestic Torture Recognized as Crime

"Changing the Torture Law" - 5:35 minutes into the newscast.

Torture in Middle Class Neighborhoods - Information Morning CBC Radio May 28, 2014.

NS Woman Tortured for Years by Her Family

Domestic Torture Should be a Crime Advocates Say

Elizabeth, one of the women who survived non-State torture featured in the above CBC series, spoke at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London, UK June 10- 12th. See Elizabeth's speech the second one down on Sisters of Frida's website.



Pimps & Johns: In-house Sexualized Torture of Prostituted Women and Girls is always potentially Life-threatening Brief by Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald submitted to the Standing Senate Committee of Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson speaking, along with Trisha Baptie, Larissa Crack, Heather Dukes and others at the Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights hearings on Bill C-36 and prostitution.

Written Transcript of Evidence given by Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald at Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights Hearings on Bill C-36 on Prostitution.

Brief by Jeanne Sarson & Linda MacDonald submitted to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights for the Hearimgs on Bill C-C36 related to Prostitution.

Jeanne Sarson on Sun Media TV interview talking about amendments and targeting demand related to Bill C-36 July 16, 2014.

Linda MacDonald and Jeanne Sarson on Sun Media TV Panel on Prostitution talking about NST on July 10, 2014.

Jeanne Sarson reflecting on the outcomes of she & Linda MacDonald and others speaking about non-State torture and prostitution at the Standing Committee of Justice & Human Rights hearings on Bill C-36 in Ottawa the week of July 7-10, 2014.

MP Joy Smith talks about prostitution and what is being said at the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, "They were lured. They were brutalized. They were tortured."

Op-Ed Transformative Bill C-36 voices importance of protecting human dignity and equality

Prostitution, Bill C-36 & Human Rights Education CFUW Advocacy Minutes at the CFUW AGM by Linda MacDonald & Jeanne Sarson CFUW Truro Chapter.

Letter to Amnesty International Canada - regarding Amnesty's proposed policy on prostitution. (en français)

Bill C-36 Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act

Petition to lobby for Nordic Model In Canada.

Open letter with over 800 signatures supporting Nordic Model for prostitution in Canada.

Screening of NFB documentary Buying Sex in Truro NS on April 26 @ 7:30 pm at the Marigold Cultural CentreFree Admission. Panel discussion afterwards. More info.

Truro Daily News article April 21, 2014 on the Buying Sex documentary screening.

Our letter about prostitution to Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.

Letter about prostitution written by the Attorney General of Manitoba, Andrew Swan, to Canadian Minister of Justice, Peter MacKay. 

Two Women Talking: Vagina Torture - video of Jeanne and Linda acting dual monologues we wrote for the Vagina Monologues April 2014 about two women who endured non-State torture we supported who live/lived in our local county of Colchester East Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Torture Victimization—Child to Adult: Flashbacks and Connection With First Responders- Our newly published article in the Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly, 6(3), 47-56.


CSW 58

Call of the Europe and North America NGO caucus to the national delegations of the Commission on the Status of Women - March 14, 2014

NGO CSW Outcome Document North America and Europe - see page 18 for paragraph on non-State torture.

Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls: Draft agreed conclusions

Canadian Minister of the Status of Women, Hon. Kellie Leitch's, statement to the 58th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, March 2014.

We are acting in the Vagina Monologues on April 5th at the Marigold Cultural Center in Truro. We wrote a section called Two women talking: Vagina torture. This conversation is based on the real life testimony and words of two women from Colchester East Hants who endured non-State torture. Our photos of why we wanted to become involved: Linda & Jeanne. And here is a group photo of all the actors.

Guest Lecture at Mount Saint Vincent University in Brenda Lattie's Course - Focus on Women: Non-State 'Classic' Torture of Women and Girls & International Human Rights Mechanisms 

Watch Video: Wearing Orange for UNiTE To End Violence Against Women, February 25th - CFUW initiative to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls - in particular non-State torture.


1 Billion Rising Video - #ReasonToRise - by Central Nova Women's Resource Center Truro.

Watch Video: Orange Day SayNo UNiTE to End Violence Against Women, January 25th access to justice - persons who have endured non-State torture deserve non-discriminatory legislation.

January 16, 2014 The 'Holy See' appeared before the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child. Linda's tweet to the Centre for Constitutional Rights livestream at 22:07. 

January 8, 2014 Take Back the Night Walk in our home town of Truro: News photo 

CBC newspaper article about non-State torture with Jeanne Sarson quoted.


These are two-sided triple fold pamphlets:

1. 'Classic' Non-State Torture

2. Sexualized Torture & Human Trafficking Did you know these happen in the home? Spanish translation: Tortura Sexualizada y el Ttráfico de Personas ¿sabías que suceden en casa?

3. Sexualized torture & Child 'Pornographic' Exploitation Did you know these happen in the home?


The UK parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights Chaired by Dr. Hywel Francis MP held an inquiry into violence against women and girls. Here is the published written evidence submitted, including our submission.

Starting 15 January, 2014: Children and Young People can now submit a complaint to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child for harms, abuse, torture (including non-State) or other forms of violence and human rights violations perpetrated against them. See: Raising Understanding among Children and Young People on the OPCP.


Petition Blitz!

Petition to lobby your MP to modernize the Criminal Code of Canada to include non-State torture in section 269.1.

CFUW Truro Nov 20/13 meeting: A report about the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) Triennial Conference in Istanbul - Talking Turkey. At the IFUW 2013 Triennial Conference this Resolution on Non-State Actor Torture with its background paper was adopted.



Colchester Sexual Assault Centre Walk - Jeanne participated in this walk on April 29th. See her photo journal of the event.


Case study: Are women and girls "No One"? Non-State torture and the Committee against Torture, Plenary Session: IFUW and the United Nations. This presentation was part of the International Federation of University Women (IFUW) Triennial Conference which was held in Istanbul, Turkey, August 16-21, 2013. 

Video of Jeanne speaking at the IFUW Plenary Session - approximately 5 minutes - amateur video please excuse blurry bits!


Human Rights Education with three classes of Grade Seven students, several examples of the educational PowerPoint slides used, and students' evaluation responses 

25th Anniversary of the Committee against Torture ~ Special Journal Report: Opening the Door on Non-State Torture  


SCOW at Fordham University Poster: Jeanne and Linda presented “Life Course Issues” discussing how childhood violence including non-State torture victimization can impact negatively on older women. The two life course issues were (a) when society assumes that older women will be ‘automatic’ nurturers and carers of aging or dying parents thereby failing to acknowledge the reality that their parent(s) were the ones who inflicted childhood torture onto them and (b) the complex impact that can occur when flashbacks of childhood victimization occur at the same time when dementia is occurring and how this impacts on the delivery of caring.

Dalhousie University Presentation Poster: International Human Rights Mechanisms and Non-State Torture of Women in Canada; Dalhousie PowerPoint presentation: Journal.

Journal of Lecture at Acadia University, January 31/13 - Torture in the Canadian Context: How close to Home is it?

Relational Female Gender-Based Violence is a Global Pandemic 'Tradition' -  an image shared at our lecture


CBC radio interview with The Current about non-State torture including a man who survived non-State torture and his supporting mother, Jeanne and Linda with their expert opinion that the Criminal Code of Canada be modernized to include non-State torture, and a lawyer with a differing opinion. We speak in Part 2 of the interview.

CBC News NS Television Interview about non-State torture - watch us at 3:05.

CBC NS News Written Article about our work.


Drawing Copyright D. MacDonald 2009


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